【Layout & Picture Tutorial】SIWAS DT Reveal - My Wonderful World|SIWAS設計團隊示範相編 - 眼中的美好世界

Today I'm sharing my first DT reveal of the year for our January challenge at Scrap It With a Song. This month our rock song encouraged me to look up in this new year. I took this photo at a kiwi orchid in New Zealand. Hope you get some inspiration here and don't forget to look up!

今天與大家分享的相編作品,是今年在拼貼挑戰網 Scrap It With a Song 的第一張示範作品。如同照片中向上看的老公,這個月挑戰的靈感搖滾歌曲給了 Maya 在新的一年向上看的勇氣!希望大家能在示範作品中獲得創作靈感,也別忘了保持正向思考向上看喔!

【Layout】My 2016 Top 10 Layouts|2016精選相編

Hello everyone! How was everything in 2016? Today, I would like to have a review of 2016. Last year, I had some great news that I was chosen to be a design team member of two challenge blogs, Picture This and Scrap It With a Song. I started submitting my projects to challenge blogs more often. Also, I started making process videos for my Youtube channel. For scrapbooking, it was a great year to me. Below are my Top 10 layouts of 2016. Hope you like them all!

大家好!趁著新年頭趕緊來簡單做個 2016 年回顧,相信大家每年都有值得回顧紀錄的事情。去年在手作方面,很榮幸入選兩個國際拼貼挑戰網站的設計師,分別是 Picture This 以及 Scrap It With a Song,因此得到許多國內外手作朋友的關注,在這裡謝謝大家對 Maya 作品的喜愛與支持!雖然去年對我來說是奔波的一年,投稿次數雖不算頻繁,很開心每一次投稿都有正面的回應或好消息。另外,也開始拍攝影片步驟教學,分享到我的 Youtube 頻道,希望今年忙完婚事後可以更加努力與大家分享更多作品!接下來,一起來欣賞以下 Maya 在去年創作的相編中很喜歡的十張作品,每一張都充滿著珍貴回憶,希望你們跟我一樣喜歡喔!

【Layout & Picture Tutorial】Picture This DT Reveal - My Love|PT設計團隊示範相編 - 我的愛(含圖解教學)

Hello crafting friends, welcome back and Happy New Year! A new year is here and so is the new Picture This challenge. This year is a new start for me as I just got married and getting ready for the upcoming wedding banquet. This layout I created for Picture This has expressed my fresh feelings of our marriage. Hope you like it, and now let's check out our first challenge in 2017!

2017新年快樂!手作朋友們歡迎再度光臨瑪亞暖手憶部落格,很快地來到新的一年與大家分享Picture This今年第一個挑戰的示範作品。今年對Maya來說是特別的開始,因為邁入婚姻身份有了轉變,覺得這次示範相編氛圍很好的詮釋了邁入新婚的甜蜜感,不知道大家有感受到嗎?接下來一起來看看今年第一個挑戰主題是什麼!

【Event】2016 TES Christmas Bazaar|擺攤趣-台北歐洲學校耶誕市集

Hi all! Are you excited about the next upcoming big holiday? Today, I would like to share with you the Christmas Bazaar I took part in on November 26th, which is held by Taipei European School once every year. Let's take a look at the journey of my day!

又來到台北歐洲學校一年舉辦一次的耶誕市集,11/26這天很開心與Daisy Day設計團隊一起到台北歐洲學校擺攤趣!聖誕節可說是歐洲一年當中最盛大的節日,家家戶戶都需要買禮物,所以聖誕市集早在十一月中旬就開始嘍。是說這回市集Maya準備得相當匆忙來不及在社群上和大家預告,一些朋友反應沒即時收到訊息錯失光顧的機會,真是抱歉嘍!讓我好好寫一篇市集回顧文,帶大家看看今年市集的攤位介紹吧~

【Layout】Picture This DT Reveal - My Santas|PT設計團隊示範相編 - 我的聖誕老公公

Hi there! Welcome to our last challenge of 2016 at Picture This. For the upcoming big holiday, where the fun begins in December around the world, I created this layout full of christmas colors and ornaments as my DT reveal. Now let's check out our new challenge.

哈嘍大家好,很快的來到今年Picture This最後一個挑戰嘍!為了十二月即將到來的聖誕節,Maya創作了這張以紅色為主帶有濃厚聖誕氣息的相編,由正方形組成的平面禮物盒,猜的到這次的挑戰主題嗎?一起來看這次挑戰的主題吧~

【Layout】Picture This DT Reveal - Disney Halloween Time|PT設計團隊示範相編 - 香港迪士尼黑色世界

Hello to all! I'm always excited to share with you my work here. Even though I have had so many issues to deal with lately, I'm glad my duty of the DT reveal called me back to my crafting table. During creation, I can always calm my mind! Now, it's time for our mid-month challenge at Picture This. You should be able to figure out the theme of our challenge after you saw my layout, right?