【Layout】Picture This DT Reveal - My Santas|設計團隊示範作品 - 我的聖誕老公公

Hi there! Welcome to our last challenge of 2016 at Picture This. For the upcoming big holiday, where the fun begins in December around the world, I created this layout full of christmas colors and ornaments as my DT reveal. Now let's check out our new challenge.

哈嘍大家好,很快的來到今年Picture This最後一個挑戰嘍!為了十二月即將到來的聖誕節,Maya創作了這張以紅色為主帶有濃厚聖誕氣息的相編,由正方形組成的平面禮物盒,猜的到這次的挑戰主題嗎?一起來看這次挑戰的主題吧~

【Layout】Picture This DT Reveal - Disney Halloween Time|設計團隊示範作品 - 香港迪士尼黑色世界

Hello to all! I'm always excited to share with you my work here. Even though I have had so many issues to deal with lately, I'm glad my duty of the DT reveal called me back to my crafting table. During creation, I can always calm my mind! Now, it's time for our mid-month challenge at Picture This. You should be able to figure out the theme of our challenge after you saw my layout, right? 

【Card & Video Tutorial】SIWAS DT Reveal - Dark Elegance|設計團隊示範作品 - 黑色優雅(含影片教學)

Today I'm sharing with you my mixed media card created for our October challenge at Scrap It With a Song. Our rock song for this month is "Dark Necessities" by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Like the lyrics mentioned on the song, "Dark necessities are part of my design", I used black and purple color to interpret the mysterious feeling as felt in the song.

【Layout & Video Tutorial】Picture This DT Reveal - Marokopa Falls|設計團隊示範作品 - Marokopa 瀑布(含影片教學)

Hi there! Like every beginning of each month, it's our challenge time at Picture This. I'm using the photo of me and my boyfriend with the beautiful waterfall "Marokopa Falls" at Waitomo, New Zealand. Let's check out the theme for our challenge!

這回在國際相編挑戰網Picture This十月發表的示範作品,Maya挑選了這張與男友在紐西蘭Marokopa瀑布前的合照,使用喜愛的粉紅色為主色調,以美編紙剪下的花草蝴蝶,襯托照片中這個原始天然的美麗瀑布~ 

【Layout】Picture This DT Reveal - Fly High|設計團隊示範作品 - 高飛

Hi everyone! It's time for our mid-month challenge at Picture ThisI chose this sky view picture for my layout. It's my favorite picture of the window views from the airplane (✈ It was on the way to New Zealand couple years ago). Let's check out the theme for our challenge!

【Card & Video Tutorial】SIWAS Blog Hop - Let's Go|SIWAS 設計團隊部落格接龍 - 走吧去旅行(含影片教學)

Hello dear crafty friends, this month we have a special event for you at Scrap It With a SongWelcome to our Blog Hop! To celebrate the hop, we are giving away some prizes. Let's check out our Blog Hop details and join to win the prizes! ✌

哈嘍,各位喜愛手作的朋友們,這個月在Scrap It With a Song有個特別活動與大家分享:唷呼~歡迎來到我們的部落格接龍活動,SIWAS特別準備了獎品,邀請大家一起參加活動!✌